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Problem with posting every few days. I have hundreds of photos and stories to tell. It’s very difficult to find a place out here with a good wifi connection to sit and post entries. No all night diners. Everything closes early as well. So, I am going to keep it brief here and direct you to front page. Go to links for Instagram and or Facebook for photos. Also, don’t forget to copy the link if you want to follow me real time.

Left Cody Wyoming on the 10th. Went thru amazing Yellowstone and stayed at the Grand Tetons for the night. Can never get enough of the Tetons. The only thing not to like are the mosquitos. They are bad there.

Left the Tetons on the 11th to Ogden Utah. Nice drive thru the back roads of the south east corner of Idaho. Took awhile due to single lane highways and little towns but, I prefer it this way. Bests way to see real America off the Interstate highways.

On the 12th headed to Ely Nevada. Remember, I am making my way to Yosemite National Park, California. Highway 50 is a two lane highway thru so of the most desolate country I have driven. Flat and desert. Outside temp at 95 degrees plus. Barely any traffic so, if I had car trouble, it might have taken sometime time to wave down anyone for help.

Went thru mountain passes from time to time then back down in the desert. Straight highways as for as the eye can see most of the way.

Arrived in Ely Nevada on the 13th. A cool little mining town. Copper is what is mined there. It’s where I learned about,
“Highway 50, The Loneliest Highway in America.”
It starts in Baker and ends in Carson City Nevada. 408.8 miles. There are large desolate areas along the route, with few or no signs of civilization. Desolate like the previous stretch of highway 50.

If you decide stop at eight of the little towns along the way, you can get a Passport Book If you get all eight stamps, you send it in and get a certificate saying, “I Survived Highway 50. The loneliness Highway in America.”
I planned on taking a shorter route to Yosemite but after hearing this, I had to see what it was all about. I drove it and got my passport book stamped by every little town and put the proof in the mail. I should receive my certificate by the time I get back to San Antonio.

I stopped and stayed the night of the 14th in Fallon Nevada before getting to Carson City on the 15th.

I am only about three hours for Yosemite. I will be on my way there tomorrow. Never been before. I am really looking forward to taking a lot of photos.

NOTE: Will have to post photos on Instagram and Facebook later.

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  1. Patti

    Grand Tetons one of my favorite places as well. Last time I was there the kids were little, just 7, 8 & 10. A moose bed down by our campsite (we were in a pop-up camper) so we woke up to his snorting/snoring. It was so exciting to be so close to him.
    I really love a good road trip.
    I also have never been to Yosemite. Someday, maybe. The days tick away so fast.
    There’s so much yet to do and just so little time to do it all. LOL.

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