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From Las Cruces to Alamogordo New Mexico

The drive was windy and dusty. Whites Sands National Park was a cloud of white. Normally, you can see the mountians range but today no due to the sand storm.

I must mention, Holloman AFB was my first Air Force assignment, I was a F-15 Crew Chief. The base is completely changed since. Alamogordo has changed minimally but quite a bit from four years ago when I was here last. The old neigborhoods all the same.

I went up to Cloudcroft. a little mountain town I spent a lot of time in. Not a lot changed, thankfully. The sad thing is everything is closed due to COVID. It’s a ghost town.

Checked out a couple places that are, thankfully, still in business. The Lodge and Spruce Cabins.

One thing that is really cool is the Starbucks in Alamogordo. The art work dedications and support for the Military.

Being back is surreal. A lot of memories here

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