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Another gray wet and snowy day here in Colorado. Low clouds. I kept thinking, how the snow capped mountains would have looked if it was a clear blue sky. That being said, got some good shots. The colors are still great.

Again, what is suppose to be 1 hour 14 min (63 mile) drive took me 3 hours. I guess I need to start counting how many stops I make to shoot photos.

If weather permits, “The Million Dollar Highway” tomorrow. Montrose to Durango CO. It is an amazing drive. Can’t explain it. I suggest you take the drive.

Have to give a shout out to “Coffee Traders.” I came across this local coffee shop here in Montrose my first year out; 2017. It is an old two story house converted. The kitchen obviously where the coffee and pastries are made. But, the rest are rooms with tables and chairs through out for customers. Very unique.

The owner has expanded his business. He has a second shop here in Montrose and while in Gunnison, I went to his third shop. Not done in old houses but very nice coffee shops.

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  1. Mtkigin

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. piemaker

    As always, I am enjoy traveling with you. Merry Christmas Dan! 🎄 ❣️

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