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Well, I’m from San Antonio, Texas to Minnesota to Bismarck North Dakota and Billings Montana. Took Beartooth Pass and Chief Joseph Scenic Byway arriving in Cody, Wyoming, June 9th.

When I arrive in Bismarck, I stopped for gas (Friday) Went inside to pee. As I was approaching the door a guy who looked rough and homeless ran up to me asking for a dollar to get something to eat. He followed me in; asking repeatedly.
I laughed saying, “what can you buy for a dollar these days?” I turn around and handed him a dollar. He didn’t take it. Instead he said, “ keep your dollar, and take this $25.00 for your kindness. Buy yourself dinner and remember to pass it on whenever you can.”

Took Beartooth and the Byway to Cody my first year in 2017. It has grown to such since then. More places for tourists. Last time the a woman working at a gift shop was teasing me about being a, “tourist.” I told her I had been on the road for two plus months and consider myself a, “traveler.” We had a good laugh. I was hoping to see her again but unfortunately was told she left the store just a few months ago. Cody still one of my favorite places.

From here, I will be making my way to Yosemite in California in the next few days.

I won’t be posting everyday as I had in past years.

I have to say with what happened in Bismark, since I started these road trips in 2017, it never seizes to amaze the great things I encounter out here.

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  1. poustinia

    So happy for you to be on the road again. Look forward to all your postings, as you can God bless you.

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